In the making…


Some mindful thoughts about this album…
To be a devotee of thinking is to improve ones experience… it is an art form and way of life. I am compelled to express this through song and performance,  this makes the lyrical side of my work so congruent to the content of every collection I put together.  Lyrics help me find better serving thought patterns.
The word “Mantra” from Sanskrit contains two words… “man” meaning “to think” and suffix “tra” means “tool”. A literal translation would be “instrument of thought” and similarly so, this album is my collection of ‘mantra’s’, that have helped focus my mind. This is particularly in relation to situations and circumstances in life and the improvement I can make to them.
I challenge and encourage skeptics to experiment and investigate for themselves the power of the Mind and it’s effect on physical reality, but If it sounds too much like hard work (or a load of mumbo jumbo), never “Mind” – it doesn’t – “Matter”… just play the music and let the sequences of words and sounds embed themselves into your heart and soul.
For the purpose of maximum impact, the album is full of subliminal messages.       ’Twas created  with the clear intention to uplift you!
Let your ‘Mind’ catch the hooks and Dance like nothing ‘Matters’.
Happy listening & Magic Moments,