Sleeping Bag Studios Review our recent track “Keep it Simple”

Meena Kaye – “Keep It Simple” Featuring Mee And The Band – Single Review

This new single from Meena Kaye…has…SO MUCH working in its favor it’s tough to envision a path she’d end up on from this point forward that wouldn’t lead her to the success she’s looking for in music.  “Keep It Simple” is a multi-layered example of a giant melting-pot of ideas that keep everything we hear full of hooks from moment to moment – though I’d be the first to admit…they’re the kind of hooks that add such a fresh perspective you’ll latch onto one firmly before discovering the next.  Let me explain…

What might catch your attention first on your initial playing of “Keep It Simple” could certainly be the playful electro-vibe and the immediate attachment you form to the inviting, well-mixed and smartly produced sound of the smoothness in the music as it flows.  Expertly assembled, played & performed – “Keep It Simple” is a track that contains zero flaws; the energy in the music moves perfectly, allowing this collaboration between Meena Kaye and Mee And The Band to flourish not just in the music-department, but in all areas.  Like a reliable friend at the end of a rough Friday night – the music of “Keep It Simple” is ready to drive and keep the wheel steady to take this one home safely.

And for myself personally, that’s how it went…I noticed the vibrant sound and depth in the mix of the music immediately…but in those first moments you also have audible competition of equal caliber and quality that begins right away with the vocals as well.  As I’d mentioned earlier on, each moment of this song really does pack-in its own set of dynamics and hooks – the vocals are certainly included in that assessment.  The verse immediately kicks-in a seriously cool attitude and cadence to the tone that has an interesting mix of what I’d almost call more classic pop/rock style infused into the modern-day electro-style.  Something about this song has a real distinct influence in the writing that sounds like it contains real respect for where music has already come from – but more importantly, where it’s going next.  Through the inspired and insightful performance on the vocals in the chorus – you get that additional push straight into the modern-day entirely with an immaculately sung hook that wraps right around your mind with its incredibly memorable sound.  Nailed 100% – those vocals…are SO GOOD, brilliantly unique in their sound…and truly they are throughout the entire song whether it’s verse, chorus or in between; bottom-line is Meena Kaye along with Mee And The Band have established multiple access points for the masses with what they’ve put into their music and vocals on “Keep It Simple.”  The beautiful tones, the stylistic delivery, the confident & controlled performance that incorporates clever choices and bold courage to go where the music will take them – not a complaint to be made about the vocals on this tune, they’re gorgeous and wonderfully unique to listen to; background or lead – I love what I’m hearing  on “Keep It Simple.”

As IF you needed another major reason to check this song out – Meena Kaye & Mee And The Band have ensured victory here by keeping the focus sharp in every possible way…and that means lyrically as well.  I’d be the first to admit that as a music-reviewer, over the years I’ve certainly noticed that lyrics are generally the part of music in all-genres that require that additional strength to really hear the message, theme, or even just the amazing lines written by artists out there that fly-by as quickly as they do when you’re listening to music all the time like I end up doing.  Obviously clarity helps…the words of “Keep It Simple” are boldly put right out front in the mix, just enough to be a complete complement to the music and vice-versa…but that clarity allows us to absorb every beautifully sung word.  So while you might tune-in for the music, or for the vocals at first…believe me, eventually by that third or fourth listen you’ll also realize that every word is not just crystal-clear in delivery, style and mix – but also in its message.  Honestly some of the best words and most focused writing I’ve heard from point-A to point-B in a song throughout the past couple years for certain.  The opening hook that begins the song is absolutely brilliantly written…the subtle change in the wordplay there makes such a MASSIVE difference once you’ve gone on to absorb the entirety of the song and all the words have to offer.  “Keep It Simple” follows its own model and theme both in its words and music, but in all the right ways; you could examine the clarity of the expression here as ‘keeping it simple’ and straightforward so that it can’t possibly be missed…you could look at it as that they haven’t overcomplicated or stuffed this one too-full in any way, shape or form to misunderstand what this song is all about.  The social commentary that runs through the lyrics of “Keep It Simple” is truly astounding and stunning, all while keeping it coming from a personally-introspective perspective that I’ve no doubt, many people will relate to.  Not only are the words of “Keep It Simple” brilliantly focused and expressed – they’re important…in my opinion, there’s just about half of what you need to know in LIFE here in the lyrics of this song, if not more than half.  An anthem for the new generation…or at the very least, I’d hope so.

With a versatile rhythm somewhere in the midst of the sounds of artists like Lorde, Lily Allen, M.I.A. and Poe all blended together to create something atmospheric, hypnotic and amazingly satisfying – “Keep It Simple” absolutely works from the first moments to its very end…easily one of the most impressive, focused and entirely complete songs I’ve heard so far this year, without question.

Meena Kaye – “Keep It Simple” Featuring Mee And The Band

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Music Video Season

Starting 2017 off with a blast of creativity,
making not just 1 but 4 music videos!
Be prepared venues and promoters…
by end of February we’ll have 2 live performance videos
for us to nail all our bookings with!
We are also creating super exciting visuals
for the track BreadCrumbs off of our EP Mind Matters.
Expect, tricycles, unicorns and flowers and nothing less!
Super Power is the other track,
we will be pulling out all the special effects from our box of tricks,
to make this video the funnest revolution music video ever!
Keep a look out on our social media, instagram and FB
for behind the scenes shots and vids as we go!



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Lily Gabriella – Damali Collection

Thanks to Laura at The Detail

Mee Music was asked to provide a soundtrack to a fashion film that was used for a press day to show case the jewellry designer Lily Gabriella’s new collection ‘Damali’.

Not only was it an honour to be asked, we were also very grateful to be able to use one of David Ward’s productions off of the track called ‘Magnificence’ which we collaborated on.  A work which was created in 2014 and archived to be used at a later date…

This track is part of a new album being worked on for release in 2017 called ‘LOVE & LUST’

If you would like to view Lily Gabriella’s amazing new collection for yourself, click on this link…

Lily Gabriella – Damali

To watch the 60 second fashion clip featuring some of the images from Lily’s trip that inspired the collection and to listen to our track, click here Instagram Lily Gabriella

Once again thank you to Laura of The Detail, Phoebe at Facets PR and Lily Gabriella, Mee Music was proud to contribute to such deluxe artistry.


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Mind Matters EP is created!


Ryan Omamori and I spent the first 6 months of this year completely inspired and working hard at our vision to create an EP to give people a taster of the album that’s to come!

It’s easy to forget how awesome we are you know and that goes for you too reader! Among holding down full time jobs, raising 5 children between us!!! nurturing our beloved’s and honouring our family time, we did it, we made a 5 track EP!

I am proud to show it off and proud to start to share it with the public, our hearts and souls have woven the sounds and lyrics. If you take the time to listen you’ll hear exactly what we sound like live!

Hope to see you at our next gig…if you have time to fashion your very own #CloudsOnSticks please do bring them along.

check out our neighbouring page for the new EP http://www.meemusic.co.uk/music/

You can also check out the tracks to some cool new music videos on the video page!

Have fun and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making them.

Magic Moments,

Alexandra and Ryan

aka Mee And The Band

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MIDEM 2016


Can you imagine my excitement, travelling to Cannes for Midem 2016?

Went with no expectations just a handful of choice confirmed meetings, my ‘flying yellow welly-boot’ handbag, ‘paper cloud’ promo pack (of course) and wearing my “fun doesn’t even start to describe it” grin!

Met with Sony Publishing, who requested I send some Mee Music songs, after speaking at length about my desire for song placements.  (Got so many of them, just need to find them some homes/launch pads!)

Met with Metropolis publishing, sync and label and we are just prepping materials to send to the team as i type this post.

Made some über techy, new, super cool, life long friends from The ZYX who are working with Mee to provide an online merchandise shop for all you happy shopper FANS!  You are gonna love the merchandise people!

So watch this website space and FaceBook for the launch of the Mee And The Band shopping Stand…(or some such name, we’re working on that too!)

images (1)

The venue was huge and excellently well organised.  The sandy beach and yacht-parking harbour, a stones throw away, i did manage to swim in the sea which was soooo warm!

The sun was out, the rain poured down all the while I relished in the adventure.  Saw some fantastic acts, went to some Duracell battery after parties, (that could sound dodgy, but I meant the parties went on and on and on!).

Thank you to all those I met and i look forward to doing business with you soon.

midem 50th



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New Sound for 2016!

It’s been a long while since the last blog…

Mee And The Band’s love affair with Gypsy Jazz in 2015 was so beautifully filled with making new life long friendships, giving the inspiration to write new songs and dressing up retro, as you see from the Instagram moments and FaceBook photos.

The Jazz scene in London, however stylish was not my current heart’s calling…

So, I followed the my heart strings back to ‘POP’!

Busy in the bat cave, inventing new stage craft deliveries and attracting new team mates…the universe led me to RYAN OMAMORI, a hugely talented musician and producer and inspiring light being with whom I have connected with through music and visionary collective dreams…

We have been collaborating our efforts to bring you some new songs while also reinventing the sound scape of the same songs you are familiar with.

Currently in the midst of production, recording and rehearsing for our 2016 gigs and Simon Gogerly, is still mixing for us, so we are aiming to have this new sound launched by May 2016.

Watch this space…..

Here’s Ryan on the Bass…soon to be witnessed live within Mee And The Band.


Check his sounds out here….

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