I am Alexandra
First and foremost I am a singer songwriter.  Mee Music showcases my music composition, creative direction for artistic imagery, collaborations with producers, live performance, costume design and so much more…
The “I love Mee” video on the video page, sums up how I feel about my creative purpose, inspired by my childhood, my creative spark is born out of the instinctive need to celebrate life in all it’s wonder, a life that would otherwise be lost in the dull and dreary drudgery that life’s routine can bring.
Life is anything but ordinary, It’s extraordinary because I choose to make it so… “sewing melodies and weaving word, so that stories and music can be heard.” Surrounding myself with a kooky make-believe world; hand sewn paper clouds on sticks, self fashioned yellow welly boots with wings, all to celebrate the wonder and beauty of life through play (and a little nonsense).
I have ridiculously enormous colourful dreams and aspirations, that can completely daunt me and bring out all of my insecurities, which is why I practise self love.  It is the balm through all of life’s difficulties and joys. I believe that loving ourselves, especially the darkest parts, is the first step to loving the world as a whole.  SO More self love, means more love to give. Surely that is something worth investing in.  I encourage everyone to #iLoveMee themselves.
Mind Matters Album
I am extremely blessed to be working with, Ryan Omamori (aka Ryan The Gecko), who shares the same values and brings influences of trip hop, drum and bass, dance, electronica etc to my works.  Currently we are working on completing the album Mind Matters, the EP which is already released for you to buy on the music page, follow the link!
Fusing Ryan’s new world sounds of the digital era, with my layers of Eastern European influenced harmonies and catchy hooks, your ears and hearts are taken on an ancient journey through a techno motherboard of bleeps, pulsing white noise chatter and Sub Bass Band width that carries your sacred soul through a gallery of lyrically woven tapestries and sound wave storytelling.
Love n Lust
I am also currently working on another album Love n Lust which showcases my AcapelLa Cutesy Pop that i record at Transmission Studios with Ali Gavan, who co produces and engineers the sounds.  Ryan has also added his quirky sound flare to the mix.  I am very excited to be preparing the imagery with Linda Blacker again, it’s going to be a delicious pot of musical love for your sound palette.
Welcome to ‘Mee And The Band’ Land,
Magic Moments…