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K-Mag article about our EAT PIEROGI song and video

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Songs can be singing about everything. The creators are limited only by their own imagination, and yet most often (though not always) they circulate around topics referring to love, separation, departure, meeting ... etc. However, a British music group decided to go against the schemes and created a song about something that is sometimes called the Polish national treasure.

The band "Mee & The Band" wrote a song that cherishes our old, good ... dumplings. And many say it is a hit material. The song was created on the occasion of the Polish Lebara Days festival held in London, and its title is "Eat Pierogi". It did not happen by accident, because team members along with their families - a total of over 30 people! - every year they meet on Christmas Eve and celebrate holidays in accordance with Polish traditions (the mother of the vocalist is Polish). There are 13 dishes on the table and although not everyone tastes to everyone, the dumplings have won the hearts of everyone without exception. In the music video, the singer without a punishment deals with anyone who tries to get even closer to her treasure: the rollers are going to move, the pans and the little finesse kicks.

There is no denying that when it comes to culinary topics, the British are rather less sophisticated. Fish & chips, sausages, bacon, and at every step we come across Chinese and Turkish restaurants. It is not surprising that our most popular export commodity quickly became a hit. When we ask the Englishman for some Polish dish, 99% will shout "Pierogi!". Maybe it's time to promote our next domestic dish in the Islands? A song about bigosie or pork chop sounds appetizing.
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