MIDEM 2016


Can you imagine my excitement, travelling to Cannes for Midem 2016?

Went with no expectations just a handful of choice confirmed meetings, my ‘flying yellow welly-boot’ handbag, ‘paper cloud’ promo pack (of course) and wearing my “fun doesn’t even start to describe it” grin!

Met with Sony Publishing, who requested I send some Mee Music songs, after speaking at length about my desire for song placements.  (Got so many of them, just need to find them some homes/launch pads!)

Met with Metropolis publishing, sync and label and we are just prepping materials to send to the team as i type this post.

Made some über techy, new, super cool, life long friends from The ZYX who are working with Mee to provide an online merchandise shop for all you happy shopper FANS!  You are gonna love the merchandise people!

So watch this website space and FaceBook for the launch of the Mee And The Band shopping Stand…(or some such name, we’re working on that too!)

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The venue was huge and excellently well organised.  The sandy beach and yacht-parking harbour, a stones throw away, i did manage to swim in the sea which was soooo warm!

The sun was out, the rain poured down all the while I relished in the adventure.  Saw some fantastic acts, went to some Duracell battery after parties, (that could sound dodgy, but I meant the parties went on and on and on!).

Thank you to all those I met and i look forward to doing business with you soon.

midem 50th



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