New Sound for 2016!

It’s been a long while since the last blog…

Mee And The Band’s love affair with Gypsy Jazz in 2015 was so beautifully filled with making new life long friendships, giving the inspiration to write new songs and dressing up retro, as you see from the Instagram moments and FaceBook photos.

The Jazz scene in London, however stylish was not my current heart’s calling…

So, I followed the my heart strings back to ‘POP’!

Busy in the bat cave, inventing new stage craft deliveries and attracting new team mates…the universe led me to RYAN OMAMORI, a hugely talented musician and producer and inspiring light being with whom I have connected with through music and visionary collective dreams…

We have been collaborating our efforts to bring you some new songs while also reinventing the sound scape of the same songs you are familiar with.

Currently in the midst of production, recording and rehearsing for our 2016 gigs and Simon Gogerly, is still mixing for us, so we are aiming to have this new sound launched by May 2016.

Watch this space…..

Here’s Ryan on the Bass…soon to be witnessed live within Mee And The Band.


Check his sounds out here….

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